Knitting and Pumpkin

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been attended knitting. Tonight I made it along with Kelly, Kathy, Pam, Fran, Barbara and a new person Lorraine. It was a lot of fun. Kelly picked up Panera and then for a treat Saranac Pumpkin Ale. She watched the WLTV episode on beers too and was interested in possibly a pumpkin flavored beer. Neither of us are big beer drinkers, wine is our preferred choice. But the pumpkin ale wasn’t too bad. I got through a row of cables on my fetchings. I even taught some knitting tonight! I showed Kathy how to do a cable cast on. We had a great time, munching on french baguette too. Goal for tomorrow, wake up with the alarm. Simple as that.

Feeling Down – Setting Goals

This week started off all good and well, I went to the gym, had a really good work out sessions with my trainer. That night I was feeling really good and organized. Tuesday I woke up exhausted as I have been for the past few weeks. No matter how little or lots of sleep I get I wake up exhausted. I didn’t plan my meals and tried to just eat as best as I could while on the go. Wednesday was Halloween and I was getting more and more down. I also saw the nutritionist that day. It went so-so, I had gained 2 lbs, and I hadn’t really been following the plan since the 19th. She asked what the problem was and I vented a moment about my life, which she then said, “I can recommend someone for you […]

Working It, First Trip to the Gym

Tonight was my first time going to the gym and working out with a trainer. I set a time of 7:30 to go, guaranteeing work could not throw it off, or any other unforeseen events. I met with my trainer, we went over why I want to lose weight, what are my goals, how seriously am I taking this. It was good. We then went and used the elliptical trainer for 15 minutes. I’ve never used one before… wow that kicks your butt and gets the heart rate up and moving pretty quick. At that point my HR was up 150-157 bpm. We then moved onto taking a jog around the track, and then onto lunges on the mats. I did pretty well, except my knees were bothering me with lunges, they always have. Next we did squats with the […]

Joining a Gym

Tonight I am going to the local gym to look into membership. I’ve never really thought of myself as a gym person. My body frustrates me and gets in my way these days. Reasons for joining a gym: –My work hours can be irregular – Daylight is disappearing – Can’t make the excuse of the weather – Both treadmills at our apartment complex are broken for months now – No room for a home gym Goals: – Go at least 4 times a week at first – Bring work out clothes with me to work and go straight there after work Technorati Tags:Health, Gym

Lineups for Literacy

I came across this post via Unstoppable Robot Ninja’s website the other day. It’s with regards to the 12 Items or less isles in the grocery store. When I first read it, I thought amen! Tonight I’m in the grocery store, I’ve got my 9 items in my hand basket, I go to the 12 items or less check out and there’s a woman checking out with not 12 items but an entire shopping cart. She’s throwing the items up on the belt as fast as she can and making sure all her coupons are getting scanned. Meanwhile there were a good 7 other check outs open plus the self check outs. I really wanted to snap a pic with my iPhone, but she seemed slightly crazed and I didn’t want her flipping out. But come on people? I really […]

Revisting Cobble

Sunday we revisited Cobble Mountain in Kent. Craig and hiked back here in April on Earth Day. Over the summer Craig made it part of his weekly trip over to that area and had gotten a fairly good time at going up and down. This time we had Kelly and Scout along. Currently, and probably for a while, I’m the anchor of the group. What takes them 1.5 hours takes me 3.5. But like Craig reminds me, “Your doing it though, which is more than most can say”. The weather was great, it looked like rain but the sun kept peeking out and made for some beautiful colors in the woods. We met a trail angel along the way. We called her trail angel because she told up little bits of advice that were exactly what we were thinking but […]


I don’t get people, why are they self-centered and always on the defense. It seems like people are getting more and more snappy, impatient and rude. Today Craig and I were at the natural food store, let me preface the parking lot is a little tight. So Craig backs up, and we start towards the exit. A woman is walking towards us on our side. So he slows down and gives her some room. Coming in the parking lot is a small panel truck. By the way we were positioned he’d have to move over a bit on his right and we’d all be happy. But does this happen, no he yells out his window at us, “Move over you god-damn moron”. People are just so friendly. Then we come home to find a note on the windshield of my […]