Amazing! Found this via as Jason said the build up is a bit long and the blow your mind crazy maneuvers begin at 3:00.

Restoring Headlights

I’ve been following the emergence of restorative headlight products. I had debated about going through a shop and having them do it, but currently my funds are a bit tight. Meguiars has a kit, as does Turtle Wax and RainX. I opted to go with RainX’s product. It comes with a bottle of lubricant, 3 different sanding pads, a polishing cream, a sealant and microfiber towel. The driver side headlight of the CR-V was quite foggy. The passenger not as bad. After one application I was able to get the passenger side restored quite nicely. The driver side required a second treatment. It does buff the plastic down to a very smooth surface again. I’m curious to see how long it lasts and if I’ll need to do this again after the winter season. The part I liked the most […]

170,000 miles

My 2002 Honda CR-V rolled over 170,000 miles two weeks ago. I’m happy to say it’s still running very smoothly and the engine is still pretty quiet. I’m still glad I made the switch to Honda back in 1998 and haven’t looked back. There will still be another SAAB in my future, but I doubt there will be a time when we don’t own a Honda. Onto the next 30,000 miles.

Driving Pet Peeves

Let me first address, that I do realize the post before this is about having compassion. I probably should have more compassion for the drivers around me, who knows what insanity they are dealing with or have found no way of dealing with. Before I reach that point of enlightenment though, my list of pet peeves. 1) Blinkers. Cars now-a-days (possibly since the beginning) have blinkers. It’s amazing, they come with them, and even a handy lever off the steering wheel for easy access. Use them! Not only do they help you to remind you where you’re going but they help all of us around you know what your plans are. Best practice, is to turn them on before actually moving your vehicle in that new direction. 2) Drive Right, Pass Left. It’s an entire campaign for a reason. You’re […]

The colors have come and gone

I typically host a fall foliage tour every year, I’ve been doing this since 2002. I love the fall season and I enjoy showing people around the New England area. This year got quite hectic and then couple it with bad fall allergies, I ended up resting and sneezing during October. Last years tour we had great color and several covered bridges of Vermont. I’m always amazed too by the generosity of establishments. We’re usually a group of 16 people minimally showing up looking for a meal and to hopefully sit together. Here’s a few snap shots from that trip.

Honda CR-V Ice Day

This is awesome! I so want to go do that. We’ve done some spins and I’ve gone out on my own and gotten the snow flying. I really should move to some much more northern country, I love to go play in the snow in the car and just myself.

HondaSUV 6th Annual Georgia Meet at Bar Harbor, Maine

June 21-22 was the 6th Annual HondaSUV Georgia Meet in Bar Harbor, ME. It happened to coincide with our vacation already planned in Maine. There were members driving up from Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, New York and more. I had tried to get NorthEast Member Club members to go to Acadia in the past with no luck. The turn out was great. Racoon and 4HondaOwner put together shirts with the event name. We had a lot of fun visiting with everyone. Friday the weather was foggy and cool, but Saturday mid-morning turned into beautiful weather. Craig and I drove to our rental late in the afternoon and then I drove back down in the evening to hang out for a little longer and say good-byes.