Joining a Gym

Tonight I am going to the local gym to look into membership. I’ve never really thought of myself as a gym person. My body frustrates me and gets in my way these days.

Reasons for joining a gym:

My work hours can be irregular
– Daylight is disappearing
– Can’t make the excuse of the weather
– Both treadmills at our apartment complex are broken for months now
– No room for a home gym

– Go at least 4 times a week at first
– Bring work out clothes with me to work and go straight there after work

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2 responses to “Joining a Gym”

  1. publicenergy Avatar

    Good luck – I’ve joined one two for more or less identical reasons. At this time of year, outdoor activities for me become more limited – it’s especially hard to motivate myself to get out on the bike on cold dark evenings after work.

    I had been going home, having dinner then deciding to go to the gym later in the evening. That doesn’t work – I need to use your plan I think – it sounds more likely to work!

  2. Diana Avatar

    I actually liked when I was working out before with the aerobics class at my previous job. One of the major downfalls for me was, I’d be exhausted after the work out, it would be 6:15 and I’d still have another 40 minutes to drive home.

    So I’m hoping with the gym I’ve joined, only being 2.0 miles away, I have no excuse to be too tired to make the drive home afterwards.

    Good luck with your gym use this winter. Definitely try going before heading home. I’ll be posting with updates.

    Tonight is my first work out :eeck:

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