Retreating to Disconnect

This is trip is a vacation for all intent-and-purposes, but it’s got a second role, a company retreat. The company being the two person venture of CRIANA. In May I was elated, events were finally aligning where I could truly go solo and focus my energy, skills and time on our business idea. Increased work came in from a client who I had been working with for over 2 years, excellent this was happening! I thought, great now my part time side clients can truly get the attention they need and deserve. I will finally have time to do everything I want to do. Except that didn’t quite happen. I’ve been busy, some weeks swamped, so swamped just before vacation I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap at 6:45pm. What I did not realize is that I had […]


While doing errands this morning in the bitter cold, the ideas going through my head were the different items I want to service on my car. It frustrates me to no end that I slacked on keeping the wheels clean over the past 4 years and because of that, brake dust has become caked on. I look under the hood and there’s definitely surface rust on strut bolts and my air horns need to be polished and other items need a coat of armor all. These little things irk me. To add to it, my hood has some chips (8 years of highway commuting, it’s a miracle it’s not worse) and this past fall an acorn tree did some dent damage. I want to bring my wonderful 8 year old vehicle back to new. Ok, well maybe not brand new, […]

SAAB: Change Perspective

I stumbled across SAAB’s microsite called “Change Perspective” tonight, all I can say is I’ve been back to it 5 times to play with it and sent it to several friends. Flash has been of much debate in the web design community. Some vehemently oppose it, others think it’s the solution to everything. My feelings are more middle of the road. In the right application it’s the only tool for the job, this site happens to be one of those. The music is great. The whole site is clean, simple, easy to use and just feels like fresh air. My favorite part is the safety section with the pop up book. Visit the site.

The Great Mail Debate

I’m toying with the idea of forwarding my .Mac/.Me email account to my GMail account. The reason being is I’m getting a lot more email into the .Mac account it’s getting kind of hard to keep up with it via Mail. I’ve got a good system of organization but I’m duplicating between my GMail account and the .Mac account. It seems crazy when the content coming in overlaps so much. The other reason behind the move is, I’m really not impressed with the MobileMe website. It never fails, I delete things over there and it doesn’t move it. Also I find their website very slow, no matter what browser I’m using. My third reason is I’m not as tethered/addicted to getting my emails instantly. I love the .Me push IMAP, but really I don’t have anything coming in that a […]

Earth Hour 2009

We participated in Earth in 2009, on March 28th. We held a movie night at the Quaker Meetinghouse and then turned off the lights to have a candlelit discussion. We showed the movie Wall-E, which seemed appropriate to lead up to a talk on how to help the planet. We had a good turn out.’s Big Picture As always they have incredible photos from events, and the Earth Hour photos are extra special, when you click on a city photo it fades to show you what it looked like after the lights were turned out. Go check it out.

Thoughts on Simplicity

Simplicity does not mean getting rid of your possessions, but rather integrating them into your life’s purpose. From a talk given Mary Gregory as remembered by Emily Sander, 2000 from the book Plain Living by Catherine Whitmire I picked up the book Plain Living this weekend while at Friends Meeting. I had accidentally picked it up several years ago not realizing it was someone’s personal copy. In between Craig and I had read, Choosing Simplicity by Linda Breen-Pierce. Picking up this book for a second time I’m really enjoying it and the many quotes within it.