Lineups for Literacy

I came across this post via Unstoppable Robot Ninja’s website the other day. It’s with regards to the 12 Items or less isles in the grocery store. When I first read it, I thought amen!

Tonight I’m in the grocery store, I’ve got my 9 items in my hand basket, I go to the 12 items or less check out and there’s a woman checking out with not 12 items but an entire shopping cart. She’s throwing the items up on the belt as fast as she can and making sure all her coupons are getting scanned. Meanwhile there were a good 7 other check outs open plus the self check outs.

I really wanted to snap a pic with my iPhone, but she seemed slightly crazed and I didn’t want her flipping out.

But come on people? I really wanted to ask her if she had read the sign that was lit up on top of a pole in big print saying “12 items or less”.





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