Get Our Money Back

[youtube][/youtube] “If they can afford to pay for the high payout bonuses, they can afford to back the American people.” Ever since I read an article back in the mid-90’s about the CEO of Aetna I believe, living down in Fairfield County, getting a 7 million dollar bonus, I thought, ok there’s something seriously wrong here. How can someone heading up a company who’s supposed to be helping people, but denying many basic coverage, be walking home with that much money. Really you need a 6,000 sq ft house? Since when, did people need 6,000 sq ft houses and multiple cars. Is it nice to have? sure. But how do you sleep at night? What have you done to improve humanity? In the same thread of thought, banks and their upper management, just for a year be better humans. I’ve […]

Driving Pet Peeves

Let me first address, that I do realize the post before this is about having compassion. I probably should have more compassion for the drivers around me, who knows what insanity they are dealing with or have found no way of dealing with. Before I reach that point of enlightenment though, my list of pet peeves. 1) Blinkers. Cars now-a-days (possibly since the beginning) have blinkers. It’s amazing, they come with them, and even a handy lever off the steering wheel for easy access. Use them! Not only do they help you to remind you where you’re going but they help all of us around you know what your plans are. Best practice, is to turn them on before actually moving your vehicle in that new direction. 2) Drive Right, Pass Left. It’s an entire campaign for a reason. You’re […]


I believe commuting may very well be the death of me. Well let me state better, commuting on I-84. Between the idiot who cut me off at 80 mph, missing my bumper by about 1 foot, or the numerous accidents every week, and we can’t forget the “every-time there is a merge or an exit, ALL traffic must come to a stop”. Worst part is the CT DOT, doesn’t care about the stretch of 84 that I travel on, so we get no traffic cams, and unless something catastrophic happens we don’t even get on the news to let us know there is a problem with the stupid highway. I don’t think commuting is all bad, but in CT it sucks if you have to use 84 or Rt. 7.