The Power of the Computer in your Pocket

Americans have access to: 1,000,000,000,000 web pages 65,000 iPhone app 10,500 radio stations 5,500 magazines 200+ cable tv networks Pretty impressive numbers. The folks at XPLANE™ have created another video educating and inspiring the community. This is from their Did You Know series. We forget sometimes how much things have changed and what kind of future possibly lays before us. The power of the computers in our pockets is incredible in relation to just 20 years ago.

All Recipes iPhone App

While laying in bed last night, I was browsing around the app store and discovered the All Recipes iPhone app. I’ve been a fan of the website for quite a while. Their app is called DinnerSpinner, the concept is you spin the meal choice, then an ingredient choice and finally a preparation time choice. Ironically enough my day job has a client who wants to do something similar to this for their next website. Here’s a sample view of the spinner. I’ve selected Appetizer, Cheese and Slow Cooker. You can also click a button that says, “Spin Categories”. That button is currently replaced by the “View Matches” button.