2016 In Retrospective

A little collage of 2016 for me. Some absolutely wonderful memories, some incredibly stressful memories and some very sad memories.

This past year I lost my grandmother due to medical complications, and my fur buddy of 17 years fought for her last breaths by my side. My stress peaked to cause complete havoc in my body requiring a biopsy to confirm I didn’t have cancer…gratefully just stress.

This past year also saw great opportunities. I was a moderator to an incredible panel of women in tech for Girls Who Code. I attended two tech conferences with friends that allowed for great memories.

The best moments being our two trips to NH with the second trip, being a part of my sister-in-law’s wedding. Being able to host and share memories with family here at our home. As well as discovering places in New England I had never been and sharing in delicious lobster rolls.

I am truly grateful for my friends and family who supported me through my stress, walked me off the ledge, helped remind of what’s truly important in life and help me regain perspective, when I had truly been buried by the events that kept stacking up in 2016.

In retrospective, I did a lot growing in 2016. I did a lot of stress in 2016. I am wiser for it. I am more at peace with not being in control and knowing I can’t make everyone happy. My time is worth more than I’ve valued it and my knowledge is far greater than I give myself credit.

I love my work, I love business and I love making ideas become reality.

May 2017 be a rebalancing, restructuring and renewal of my energy.






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