Visitors come in pairs

These two visited my inlaws a few weeks ago with Mom and much smaller. Mom seems to be gone now, not sure if she moved on or something else happened. They’re very curious, which is probably not good. I hope no one does anything to them, i.e. shoot or hurt them. They stick together and watch each other’s back. But at one point when they felt comfortable with me hiding behind the car snapping pics they started walking towards me. I shooed them away, as much as I’d like to visit and pet, not a good thing to instill in them.


I’m not sure if it’s because I grew up in New England or my internal clock is off, but Autumn is the time of year I recount the year prior, reflect on what I’ve done, could have been done better, the times I take great joy in. It’s the beginning. For most it’s New Years Eve/Day that they set out new goals, or their birthdays, not me it’s the Fall season.As the leaves turn all around me, I get really excited. Every year is different, when I drive I try to keep an eye out for that one tree that really stands out. The changing of leaves is like mother nature’s present for me. I think back to wonderful memories of being in New Hampshire’s White Mountains during October. 

Weekend Update

Although not as funny as the one on SNL. We had a pretty busy weekend, what else is new. We helped out at Friends Meeting with supplies for the Underground Railroad Walking Tour on Saturday morning. Came back to meet up with our friend Ron at Sherwood Island State Park, but he ended up with car trouble so that was out. Then we thought, ok we will head up to the Apple store in Westfarms to check out the 24″ iMac and 30″ Apple Cinema Display. The store was packed. The new iPod Nanos were really amazing. If I was independently wealthy maybe I’d get one and an iPhone, but I’m holding out for an iPhone. We never were able to checking out the, ONE, 30″ Display because a store employee was teaching a woman how to use her MacBook […]

Greetings and Welcome

I’m doing a little transition. I started up in 2003. I blogged pretty regularly using pMachine Free first, then iBlog and then WordPress. I always had trouble trying to pick a “theme” for my writing, and sometimes I felt after the fact on a few posts, that I wrote too much. Craig and I have been tossing around the purposes for our websites. KregMusic would clearly stay Craig’s personal music, but what about CRIANA. CRIANA started off as our wedding website, which then transformed into our business. A business we have not been active with for a while. Which brings us back to the dilemma, what site to use for sharing information with the family, which for business, and which for writing our ideas out on. We settled with buying, and yes there’s no hyphen in it. We […]

House Warming

A few weekends ago we journeyed up to Baldwinville, MA to join Kerry & Dave in their house warming party. And those lucky home owners also got to be the cooks. Well Dave manned the b-b-q and the Mom’s covered the other goodies. It was really nice to see the Testa’s again. It was fun to see Kerry & Dave’s place, and hear their ideas for what they are going to do with it. We also got to check out Dave’s new ride to work. Playing with Dr. Phibes was a highlight of the trip. On Sunday we took a hike with Marty, Kathy and Kerry. They are fortunate enough to live literally right next door to a state park in MA.

Life and Death

I was trying to figure out which category to put this under. It’s my thoughts on my health. It’s a long complicated story. So my health, specifically my weight and my bp. I was a healthy kid until I hit puberty, than that crap screwed with my body and I got chubby. Then over the years, I slowly gained like 5-10 lbs a year. And well that’s been going on for oh, like 9 years so you get the idea. The ol’ blood pressure, started being an issue during my senior year in HS. Granted I was like 40 lbs over weight at that point. I also had a lot of stress. Needless to say it fluctuated. Funny thing is, two weeks before my wedding, my bp was the best it’s been in years. You’d think I’d be a stressed […]


I believe commuting may very well be the death of me. Well let me state better, commuting on I-84. Between the idiot who cut me off at 80 mph, missing my bumper by about 1 foot, or the numerous accidents every week, and we can’t forget the “every-time there is a merge or an exit, ALL traffic must come to a stop”. Worst part is the CT DOT, doesn’t care about the stretch of 84 that I travel on, so we get no traffic cams, and unless something catastrophic happens we don’t even get on the news to let us know there is a problem with the stupid highway. I don’t think commuting is all bad, but in CT it sucks if you have to use 84 or Rt. 7.

Acadia : Day 2 : Setup / Explore

Well last night sleeping in the car, wasn’t the most comfortable sleeping experience. Took many readjustments during the night to get comfortable. But this morning we woke up with the sun and headed into downtown Bar Harbor for some breakfast. On our way over to Bar Harbor, we came across these really cool spider webs all glistening in the sun. This is something my Mom thought would be really cool, and as luck may have it they were in between both ends of Betsy’s Road. Check out the pics. Bar Harbor had no one here, unlike last night. We had a pick of many parking spots and we walked around. We got breakfast did a little window shopping. Checked out the dock. We found a local health food grocer so we can tofu and yummy foods 🙂 After hanging out […]