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  • Hide and Seek

    Found Melody hidden under the bedcovers the other day. I’m not sure if she realized she was fully hidden since I could see her paw and tail. I came around to the other side to see her peeking out from underneath. She’s something special.

  • More sleepyhead kitties

    Saw this over at Cute Overload and couldn’t stop saying awww!

  • You woke me

  • TV Dinner

    I love this guy’s video/animations. This is our cats!

  • Good Morning

    I could watch this over and over and over again, and still laugh each time. This is our cats.

  • Favorite Channel

    Favorite Channel

    Melody likes to watch TV, particularly she likes Animal Planet. She also likes Discovery Channel, National Geographic and TLC. I’ve caught her watching American Choppers a few times. I snapped this pic the other morning while she was watching.

  • mel: 101

    mel: 101

    Meet Melody (Mel) she’s my maine coon cat. She’s all about attacking things, whether they be birds, a bottle cap or me. I came across this photo of melody looking just darling. this pic was one in the morning when she was still in sleepy mode. She really is a fun cat and has made…