Hide and Seek

Found Melody hidden under the bedcovers the other day. I’m not sure if she realized she was fully hidden since I could see her paw and tail. I came around to the other side to see her peeking out from underneath. She’s something special.

Good Morning

I could watch this over and over and over again, and still laugh each time. This is our cats.

Favorite Channel

Melody likes to watch TV, particularly she likes Animal Planet. She also likes Discovery Channel, National Geographic and TLC. I’ve caught her watching American Choppers a few times. I snapped this pic the other morning while she was watching.

mel: 101

Meet Melody (Mel) she’s my maine coon cat. She’s all about attacking things, whether they be birds, a bottle cap or me. I came across this photo of melody looking just darling. this pic was one in the morning when she was still in sleepy mode. She really is a fun cat and has made the transition from 4 different living environments. She likes to sit in a chair like a person at the dining table and watch. She likes to watch Animal Planet, and also Discovery Channel. I am yet to find a cat food she likes, but she does have a real thing for fresh sea scallops. I find the coolest thing about Melody is her personality. I’ve never had a cat with so much of it. More will come on Melody as she entertains me in life, […]