Revisting Cobble

Sunday we revisited Cobble Mountain in Kent. Craig and hiked back here in April on Earth Day. Over the summer Craig made it part of his weekly trip over to that area and had gotten a fairly good time at going up and down.

This time we had Kelly and Scout along. Currently, and probably for a while, I’m the anchor of the group. What takes them 1.5 hours takes me 3.5. But like Craig reminds me, “Your doing it though, which is more than most can say”.

The weather was great, it looked like rain but the sun kept peeking out and made for some beautiful colors in the woods. We met a trail angel along the way. We called her trail angel because she told up little bits of advice that were exactly what we were thinking but had not said out loud. She recommended I take up snow shoeing come winter. Which pending the arrival of actual snow, I’m all for it.

I uploaded several pics to Flickr.

Diana and Craig





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