Pemigewasset River

Slowing Down

As I’m working through how to come out of burn out and not repeat this cycle again; the thought occurred to me that I need to slow down…way down. The statement, “you’re burning the candle at both ends” has been quite true for me for several years now. Today though, while driving around and enjoying the scenery, a light bulb went off in my head. This may seem completely obvious to everyone else, keeping with the candle analogy, you can rebuild a candle but you can’t do it while you’re still burning it. Here’s to calling it quits on work by 10pm at night. The 1am-3am quitting hours are not possible if I want to live a normal life in this time zone. Further proof that 12 hour days aren’t productive boons, news made it here that Sweden is looking to move to a 6-hour […]

Fall Back, Regroup

I’ve been coming to the White Mountains region of New Hampshire, specifically Franconia Notch since I was 5 years old. Every summer my parents would make the trip up here for two weeks in August. It became my home away from home. I shared my love of this area with Craig (my boyfriend at the time) and he too saw why it was so great to get away here. In November of 1998 he drove me here, up to one of the scenic turnouts on the Kancamagus, in the snow, and handed me a box. I had already found out he was going to propose, but he didn’t know that, and he still was able to throw me off. The box was not small, but rather a 9 x 9 x 5 box. I opened it to find a binder […]


I guess I would have hoped one of my photos from Maine would have had a highest view on Flickr. Instead the photo that gets that accolade is my “What’s in Your Bag?” photo from 2006. It’s certainly funny looking back at what I carried then. I still have most of the items. Sold the Timbuk2 to a friend. The Treo650 and iPod got condensed into an iPhone (version 6 now). The portable HD is still around, as are the knitting needles, card reader, and usb hub. Many of the wires have been able to simplified and some eliminated over the years. Maybe I should do an updated version of this…

Maine Lighthouses

Day 6 of 16: Down East

Starting in 1995, we began vacationing in Maine. This I can thank my wonderful in-laws for. They told my Mom, she booked a house rental way up on the down east coast. This was a big deal for my parents, as every year of my childhood, summer vacation was in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. My father did not do change. Gratefully this was a change he liked. 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014 and going. We’ve usually figured out some way to get there for at least a week. The down east coast has been good to us, giving us solitude, fresh air and incredible views which allow us to regain our energy and start creating again. It has certainly given me many opportunities for wonderful photos. Craig has written several […]

The Carrot

Day 5 of 16: The Carrot

A small and unique ornament. We were given this ornament as a wedding present by friends Craig and I grew up with. There was a story behind it, that placing this ornament every year on your tree would bring a good luck in the kitchen. Carrots have long held a special place in German legend. The glass Carrot ornament is truly a decoration that can bring a tear to an old woman’s eye. Long ago the glass carrot ornament was very popular in Germany as a traditional gift for brides. It was believed to bring good luck in the kitchen. After being lost for many years, the antique mold has resurfaced and German artisans are again creating this treasure for a bride’s first Christmas tree. — The Framework Shop If we’re willing to go with the good luck being that […]


Day 4 of 16: Québec

When we were planning our wedding, our goal for our honeymoon was to go to Paris. Craig and had wanted to go back ever since he went in high school. As the year unfolded, this became less and less likely as our expenses mounted and our schedules got even busier than we thought they’d be. We had heard from someone that Québec was nice. I went onto AOL’s travel boards and found someone raving about this little B&B they stayed at in Vieux Québec, Manoir sur-le-cap. I passed along the information to Craig and he booked the condo unit for us. It proved to be one of our absolute favorite places to visit. We both still highly recommend not only visiting Québec but also staying at Manoir sur-le-cap. This ornament though was not purchased while there. A friend from my […]

2000 Ornament

Day 3 of 16: The Millennium

2000 was a big year for a lot of reasons. The world had a mass panic that bank accounts were going to seize all because of a programming short-sight. Alas, all continued forward and the world did not end. For us personally 2000 was a big year, lots of change, lots of happenings. Craig and I decided to hold our wedding in June. Earlier in the year, in January, while home from college, we came up with CRIANA. Craig and I wanted to have a website for our wedding attendees to visit, get directions and learn more about our service. We built a website, but wasn’t sure what to name it. We tossed ideas around and then started trying to combine our names and came up with CRIANA, long before any Bennifer or other silly Hollywood nonsense. The name stuck and it […]