The Last Year of My 30’s

turning 39 is certainly weird. I don’t feel 39. My 39 doesn’t look at all like what my parents looked like at 39. I didn’t think I was going to live past 30, so having cleared almost another decade seems even more surreal.

I’ve certainly been plagued more with the questions of what am I doing? Is this how everyday of the rest of my life is going to go? Am I happy? Am I doomed to never figure out balance in my life and not feel a slave to clock and an inbox? Will I ever get to all of the ideas I have in my head, let alone the shared ones Craig and I have? Where do I want to call home? What do I need to be inspired and do the work that I love?

Needless to say a lot of questions floating around in my head, much of it coming out of the fact that while I am glad for the path I’m on, it certainly needs refinement and a better map.

I started off this day pretty annoyed and dreading keeping up with all of the things I committed to, not letting others down and not feeling guilty.

I ended this day with a delicious home cooked meal by my family and wonderful gifts that are just what I needed. Followed by an evening that saying it was inspirational was an understatement. Crossing paths with a good friend who I didn’t know was struggling with similar issues as we are now in business, and a being an audience member to a discussion with kindred spirits and minds, on topics that we love to take on the challenge of exploring.

I am not only excited about my own future, the future of our business but also the future of the New Milford business community and on a greater scale, the future of America. If conversations like the one we participated in tonight, are happening in more towns and cities across this country, we have much to hold hope for. Change is coming and it’s going to be great.



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