Feeling Broken

I’ve kept relatively quiet pre and post-election regarding politics. A few posts here and there, and everyone has confirmed for me why I don’t venture down that road. No argument will be won here. No amount of truth, science or rational logic will sway someone who is dead set on believing their opinion is the only right one. Time is the only real truth teller, and not with rosy-colored hindsight.

We’ve had crazy presidents, crazy racist presidents in our past, and a nation who didn’t want to help the Jews, who didn’t want to get involved, who’s business people aired on wanting to be on the right side of history monetarily rather than ethically. We certainly do not have some utopian, rolling green hills of perfection past we’ve stepped away from.

Given that, to all who voted for Trump, in spite of everything the man is, I hope time and history will be on your and my side. I truly hope I am proven wrong.

For me, this has never been a Winners vs Losers thing, Dems vs Republicans, Men vs Women, Whites vs Blacks. If that is where your defenses are going reading this, please step away and take a breath.

Science, logic, humanity, culture, evolution, compassion, education, intellect, inspiration, improvement, equality are my motivators.

The can of angry scared hornets has been kicked this election and while they may be literally few in comparison to the masses, they’ve got a voice and they are taking action.

Let your actions speak louder than your words. Prove to your family and friends on the “other side” that you do not align yourself with those values and would be willing to say, maybe you were wrong, if it came to a point of having to defend those values. Let this be a moment for America to show the world what it is to be better, to be the point of aspiration.

I know I must hold myself accountable to that as well.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, love your neighbor and say it, not just from the comfort of your armchair. Consider taking action for the Native Americans being assaulted while we all scramble to buy a turkey and say we love all Americans.






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