Feeling Down – Setting Goals

This week started off all good and well, I went to the gym, had a really good work out sessions with my trainer. That night I was feeling really good and organized.

Tuesday I woke up exhausted as I have been for the past few weeks. No matter how little or lots of sleep I get I wake up exhausted. I didn’t plan my meals and tried to just eat as best as I could while on the go.

Wednesday was Halloween and I was getting more and more down. I also saw the nutritionist that day. It went so-so, I had gained 2 lbs, and I hadn’t really been following the plan since the 19th. She asked what the problem was and I vented a moment about my life, which she then said, “I can recommend someone for you to talk to.” So… that was a confidence booster.

On going I’m having an extreme amount of stress in my personal life with a family member. I don’t want to put it all out here, but if you would like to lend an ear please email me. I’m trying to cope and move on and choose to be in control of my life.

As the week finished up I just got more and more down. It’s also “that” time of the month and cramps seriously don’t help.

So I’m sitting down right now having a little pep talk with myself…


  • Exhaustion
  • Inability to focus
  • No planning
  • Lack of a routine

Goals (Need Suggestions) :

  • Create a routine
  • Own my time, it’s for me not others
  • Grattitude Journal (thanks for the idea Corrie)
  • Be Happy
  • Schedule time just for me

Any other ideas?






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