The Last Year of My 30’s

turning 39 is certainly weird. I don’t feel 39. My 39 doesn’t look at all like what my parents looked like at 39. I didn’t think I was going to live past 30, so having cleared almost another decade seems even more surreal. I’ve certainly been plagued more with the questions of what am I doing? Is this how everyday of the rest of my life is going to go? Am I happy? Am I doomed to never figure out balance in my life and not feel a slave to clock and an inbox? Will I ever get to all of the ideas I have in my head, let alone the shared ones Craig and I have? Where do I want to call home? What do I need to be inspired and do the work that I love? Needless to […]

Pemigewasset River

Slowing Down

As I’m working through how to come out of burn out and not repeat this cycle again; the thought occurred to me that I need to slow down…way down. The statement, “you’re burning the candle at both ends” has been quite true for me for several years now. Today though, while driving around and enjoying the scenery, a light bulb went off in my head. This may seem completely obvious to everyone else, keeping with the candle analogy, you can rebuild a candle but you can’t do it while you’re still burning it. Here’s to calling it quits on work by 10pm at night. The 1am-3am quitting hours are not possible if I want to live a normal life in this time zone. Further proof that 12 hour days aren’t productive boons, news made it here that Sweden is looking to move to a 6-hour […]

Home Office

Prelude to Change

It has been quite a while since I consistently wrote for my site. To say a lot has happened since December when I wrote about the ornaments, or let alone early 2012, is an understatement. My 30’s have been an interesting time. Depressing, surreal and confident; not exactly three words one would normally put together. There is a lot of change on the horizon, and a lot of change that has already happened. I’m on my 3rd job change since the beginning of the year. This has been a bit jarring after two previous jobs that I held tenure at for 5.5 and 7.5 years respectively. The number of anxiety attacks during the past 6 months is more than I have ever had in my (albiet short) life. Each one though has led to more clarity, more confidence and far less questioning and judgement of myself. […]

Build Guild Hartford

Another fun night at the Build Guild Hartford meet up. Through twitter contact @kerusdotorg I found out about the Build Guild meet ups. He and I had shared a mutual interest to have a local CT meet up for those in the web design field without feeling pressured to have an agenda. The Build Guild seemed to be a perfect fit. It’s an evening for those in the field to chat, vent and share stories. So far I’ve been very impressed by the people attending, there’s some very talented people doing great work in the state. Hopefully this will continue and attract others to come share in the fun.

Universal Truths on Project Completion Times

Today my friend Kelly sent over an article from the Unclutterer website called, “Three universal truths for why projects are not completed on time”. Within two minutes of reading the first paragraph and the three universal truths, Craig and I were into a discussion about how we’ve experienced them over the years. 1. “Clients are never as prepared as they say they will be.” Is almost an understatement. As I am reminded by stories on the website Clients From Hell, it’s all too common. I think this also leads to many in the creative field, myself included, feeling like we’re not being respected. But I am also reminded of an article in the February 2010 issue of HOW magazine, “The Q Factor” by Andy Epstein. In the article Andy described how helpful it can be to our projects and how […]

Tips To Avoid Creative Block

There are some great tips to avoid creative blocks over at Inspired Mag‘s website. The one I have the hardest problem with is #5 self-doubt. Which lead me to remember Leah’s post about Self-Employment: The First Six Months. She mentioned previously feeling guilty when a potential client would say they couldn’t afford her services. I’ve had that feeling many times, and foolishly buckled to bringing down my rate to something where it was no longer respecting my time and services. She summed it up best, “…let go of the guilt that I can’t help everyone.” The other tip in the article that I need to follow more is #3 Take a Walk and #6 Get Away for a Day or Two. Staying home and just not going out is not the same. My home is my office, and it’s filled […]

Website: Housatonic Friends Meeting

I haven’t shared much of my web design work. The Housatonic Friends Meeting website is based off of the Hemmingway theme for WordPress. Quakers are by a rule simple and plain and my objective was to keep the site that way as well. I integrated a Flickr feed of photos of the meeting house, along with a Google Calendar feed for the events. I’m still building secure sections of the site for the minutes and other documents. Visit the site: