The Last Year of My 30’s

turning 39 is certainly weird. I don’t feel 39. My 39 doesn’t look at all like what my parents looked like at 39. I didn’t think I was going to live past 30, so having cleared almost another decade seems even more surreal. I’ve certainly been plagued more with the questions of what am I doing? Is this how everyday of the rest of my life is going to go? Am I happy? Am I doomed to never figure out balance in my life and not feel a slave to clock and an inbox? Will I ever get to all of the ideas I have in my head, let alone the shared ones Craig and I have? Where do I want to call home? What do I need to be inspired and do the work that I love? Needless to […]

Feeling Broken

I’ve kept relatively quiet pre and post-election regarding politics. A few posts here and there, and everyone has confirmed for me why I don’t venture down that road. No argument will be won here. No amount of truth, science or rational logic will sway someone who is dead set on believing their opinion is the only right one. Time is the only real truth teller, and not with rosy-colored hindsight. We’ve had crazy presidents, crazy racist presidents in our past, and a nation who didn’t want to help the Jews, who didn’t want to get involved, who’s business people aired on wanting to be on the right side of history monetarily rather than ethically. We certainly do not have some utopian, rolling green hills of perfection past we’ve stepped away from. Given that, to all who voted for Trump, in […]

Reflections on Progress

Anyone who truly knows me, knows I am one of the last people to ever trump (pun intended) out the gender card or give any preference to one side or the other. To be clear, I’m not doing that now, just making an observation on progress. I actually got a little teary eyed tonight during the convention speeches. Now don’t look away just yet. It was during the moment when Arizona declared their delegates and the 102 year old woman belted out the number for Hillary. I wouldn’t say I take it for granted, but I do forget sometimes how many amazing, strong and inspiring women have been in my life and have come before me in my own family. My ancestors pilgrimaged across the ocean to have freedom and landed somewhere near a rock in Plymouth MA. I grew […]

Dad's Ornament

Day 1 of 16: Dad’s Ornament

This ornament is one of the most important to me. As a kid I could not have cared less. My Dad fussed about this, always making sure it had a safe place on the tree. As a teenager I finally asked, what’s the story with those beads? My Dad being the locked vault he usually was, did not tell me right away. Eventually I discovered they were an ornament he grew up with on their meager Christmas tree as a kid. The story, as it was conveyed to me, was someone in the family, or friends with the family made these. They were one of the very few things to survive from his childhood. Every year I make sure they get a safe and visible place on the tree. It’s amazing they’ve survived this long considering how delicate the beads are, […]

A real-life Robinson Crusoe

Incredibly cool. I could certainly go for his life path. A real-life Robinson Crusoe:   86-year-old Brendon Grimshaw has lived alone on a tiny island in the Seychelles since 1962. He bought it for £8000 and has spent those years introducing trees and 120 giant tortoises back to the island. (via ?interesting-links) Tags: video   (Via

Get Our Money Back

[youtube][/youtube] “If they can afford to pay for the high payout bonuses, they can afford to back the American people.” Ever since I read an article back in the mid-90’s about the CEO of Aetna I believe, living down in Fairfield County, getting a 7 million dollar bonus, I thought, ok there’s something seriously wrong here. How can someone heading up a company who’s supposed to be helping people, but denying many basic coverage, be walking home with that much money. Really you need a 6,000 sq ft house? Since when, did people need 6,000 sq ft houses and multiple cars. Is it nice to have? sure. But how do you sleep at night? What have you done to improve humanity? In the same thread of thought, banks and their upper management, just for a year be better humans. I’ve […]

Charter for Compassion

As we close a decade marked by war, help us usher in a decade focused on compassion. The names of all affirmers on December 31 will be sent along with the Charter for Compassion to 5 world leaders whose countries are engaged in conflict. What if more people went about their days with this view on the world and life? Check out the Charter for Compassion video and if you feel moved, add your name. [youtube][/youtube]

The Breakup of the United States

So I’m sure you’ve heard about the Russian professor who’s theorizing the breakup of the United States. This is the first time I’ve seen a proposed map. I’m mostly laughing at this. South Carolina with the original colonies and not the south? Really? One thing did catch my attention and I’d like to research more…”no US president has ever died under the same flag that he was born under.” I say we go colonize the Moon and it will be a win-win situation 😉 On a serious note, any one have any thoughts on all this.