Tips To Avoid Creative Block

There are some great tips to avoid creative blocks over at Inspired Mag‘s website. The one I have the hardest problem with is #5 self-doubt. Which lead me to remember Leah’s post about Self-Employment: The First Six Months. She mentioned previously feeling guilty when a potential client would say they couldn’t afford her services. I’ve had that feeling many times, and foolishly buckled to bringing down my rate to something where it was no longer respecting my time and services. She summed it up best, “…let go of the guilt that I can’t help everyone.” The other tip in the article that I need to follow more is #3 Take a Walk and #6 Get Away for a Day or Two. Staying home and just not going out is not the same. My home is my office, and it’s filled […]

Project Launch:

Client: Cathy Setterlin Project: Website URL: Software: Photoshop, Coda, CSS Edit, Web Developer Toolkit, IE Tester Cathy came to me looking to design a website for her business which she was getting ready to launch. I decided to use the project as an opportunity to push myself and code a site by hand again. I never broke out the WYSIWYG editors. I wrote my CSS from scratch with books by my side to help me out. I made sure to test in IE 6 and IE 7. Regarding design. I picked up colors that I have seen Cathy wear frequently and ones I’d seen around her home. I wanted the site to feel like an extension of her. I wanted it to be clean, simple and easy to navigate. The range of possible visitors was quite wide. I’m very […]

Inspiring Views

A dream I’ve always had is sitting a desk, looking out a window in front or to the side of me and seeing trees and a field or forest. To me there’s something inspiring about looking out over nature in it’s solitude. I can see it perfectly in my head, and some day it will be true. John Hicks posted a picture of the view from his office. I can see why he likes it.


Well I’ll be ending the photo journal of our trip now. I set the digital camera down at Bass Harbor Light House due to receiving a call from my boss at work. I completely forgot it, we then got in the car headed down the road. We realized it was gone at the next stop. We drove back and it was gone. I placed a call with National Park office here to please call me if someone brings it in. I wanted to get a new camera but this wasn’t how I’d planned it. Because now it’s going to be a while before I have a new camera.