Tips To Avoid Creative Block

Nature Walk in Rhode Island

There are some great tips to avoid creative blocks over at Inspired Mag‘s website. The one I have the hardest problem with is #5 self-doubt. Which lead me to remember Leah’s post about Self-Employment: The First Six Months. She mentioned previously feeling guilty when a potential client would say they couldn’t afford her services. I’ve had that feeling many times, and foolishly buckled to bringing down my rate to something where it was no longer respecting my time and services. She summed it up best, “…let go of the guilt that I can’t help everyone.”

The other tip in the article that I need to follow more is #3 Take a Walk and #6 Get Away for a Day or Two. Staying home and just not going out is not the same. My home is my office, and it’s filled with personal projects that also peek at me from behind their boxes and I feel like I should at least be doing those. I remind myself to just go look at my OmniFocus “Due” perspective and only worry about what is there.

Walks are so underrated, I had forgotten how cathartic they can be. We took a peaceful, albeit very cold walk yesterday along the river. It reminded me how much I like what I do, along with memories of our days driving up Route 7 and planning out our future. It gave me hope. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but somedays it’s what I need to be reminded life is about. The dreams and reaching for them.

Thank you to my dreamer, who constantly reminds me to never give up.



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2 responses to “Tips To Avoid Creative Block”

  1. gary gach Avatar

    thank you for your creativity — it’s contagious !
    & am glad you like my guide to the buddha way : that version is now largely up at, since i’ve revised 1/3 & updated it for a 3rd edition. working now on a creativity book, actually; you mght like to see. it’s always important for me to know i have a reader, & such a reader I have in you. Keep well…

  2. Diana Avatar

    Hi Gary! Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. I did not get a chance to reply to your email yet, I’m a bit behind. I’ve loved reading the Idiots Guide to Buddhism, so far it’s been the easiest and seeming least biased to any particular order of Buddhism. I attend Quaker meeting, where I’ve met several families who are split Buddhist and Quaker, which has led both my husband and I to explore Buddhism more.

    Wow you have quite a collection over at, I never think to look there for reading materials.

    I love that your working on a book about creativity. I am very interested to read it when it comes out. What’s the title, if you know it yet? I’ll add it to my Amazon list.

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