Wireframing with Mockingbird

Earlier last week on Twitter I saw someone post a link to Mockingbird. I have enough trouble convincing project managers and sales people that wireframes are worth the time, so anyway to do them faster and easier I’m all for. I signed up for an account and laid out a sample page. The first thing that really impressed me was the complete lack of any lag. I figured using a browser interface it would have some delay but there was none. The app also uses your normal keyboard shortcuts. Just clicking delete really deletes it from the page. They have a nice library of default items including social media icons. The other feature that I really liked was the ability to Share. It generates a special link that you can then send to someone and they get a viewable version […]

SAAB: Change Perspective

I stumbled across SAAB’s microsite called “Change Perspective” tonight, all I can say is I’ve been back to it 5 times to play with it and sent it to several friends. Flash has been of much debate in the web design community. Some vehemently oppose it, others think it’s the solution to everything. My feelings are more middle of the road. In the right application it’s the only tool for the job, this site happens to be one of those. The music is great. The whole site is clean, simple, easy to use and just feels like fresh air. My favorite part is the safety section with the pop up book. Visit the site.