Wireframing with Mockingbird


Earlier last week on Twitter I saw someone post a link to Mockingbird. I have enough trouble convincing project managers and sales people that wireframes are worth the time, so anyway to do them faster and easier I’m all for.

I signed up for an account and laid out a sample page. The first thing that really impressed me was the complete lack of any lag. I figured using a browser interface it would have some delay but there was none. The app also uses your normal keyboard shortcuts. Just clicking delete really deletes it from the page. They have a nice library of default items including social media icons.

The other feature that I really liked was the ability to Share. It generates a special link that you can then send to someone and they get a viewable version of the wireframe.

I still need to play with it more and try some actual projects in it. I’d recommend going to their site and trying it out.






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