I snapped this photo in New York City in 2005. I was shooting with a Canon Powershot G6. We were waiting for the subway to take us to see the Gates installation in Central Park. I found the man standing next to the pillar so still and unaffected by the fast moving train, amazing, since to me this was still a new experience. The flag being caught as well was not intended but I like it’s addition. I also like how his reflection even showed up in the blurred train.

Spring Thaw

I am truly looking forward to the next month or so when pictures like these will be more prevalent. I’m waiting patiently for the trails to finish thawing and turn from mud to packed dirt again. My bike is in my office waiting for a prognosis on the fork which has some rust on it, but otherwise just needs a check of all systems. While the visuals of Spring are amazing in their own respect, I’m looking forward to the scents. Fresh grass, flowers, budding trees, a warm breeze. (I’m choosing to forget pollen which will have me sneezing shortly). What is your favorite parts of Spring? or is this just that in between season to Summer for you?

TweetDeck Tips

From Jesse Newhart’s post, “How To Effectively Follow 15000+ People On Twitter Using These Tweetdeck Tricks” some great tips on how to use TweetDeck. I made the switch on my desktop from Twitterrific to TweetDeck since I started following more people. One of the tips I’ve never used but will be is the Filter feature. Jesse suggests using it to search for “?” to help answer people’s questions, along with searching on “http” to see what links people are suggesting. Watch the video for other great tips.