I snapped this photo in New York City in 2005. I was shooting with a Canon Powershot G6. We were waiting for the subway to take us to see the Gates installation in Central Park. I found the man standing next to the pillar so still and unaffected by the fast moving train, amazing, since to me this was still a new experience.

The flag being caught as well was not intended but I like it’s addition. I also like how his reflection even showed up in the blurred train.







3 responses to “Frozen”

  1. Richard Avatar

    I like the unintended flag. New experience on the subway in 2005? Interesting… Some CT yankees don’t stray far from home…

  2. Diana Avatar

    My parents were not fans of New York City. My only experiences prior were in high school being driven down by bus. Meanwhile I had been to Florida, California, North Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire and many other areas.

    My first subway trip happened after I met one of my very good friends via a car club. He lives on the lower west side and is a native. Now I don’t have any issues driving down to the city and using the transportation around and about.

    I still don’t use cabs. We just walk everywhere or take the trains.

  3. Kelly Avatar

    I like this shot!

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