I snapped this photo in New York City in 2005. I was shooting with a Canon Powershot G6. We were waiting for the subway to take us to see the Gates installation in Central Park. I found the man standing next to the pillar so still and unaffected by the fast moving train, amazing, since to me this was still a new experience.

The flag being caught as well was not intended but I like it’s addition. I also like how his reflection even showed up in the blurred train.


  1. Richard   •  

    I like the unintended flag. New experience on the subway in 2005? Interesting… Some CT yankees don’t stray far from home…

  2. Diana   •     Author

    My parents were not fans of New York City. My only experiences prior were in high school being driven down by bus. Meanwhile I had been to Florida, California, North Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire and many other areas.

    My first subway trip happened after I met one of my very good friends via a car club. He lives on the lower west side and is a native. Now I don’t have any issues driving down to the city and using the transportation around and about.

    I still don’t use cabs. We just walk everywhere or take the trains.

  3. Kelly   •  

    I like this shot!

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