Yahoo button

Funny story around this button. At my work we had a bell at the front desk, about a week after it was placed there it “walked”, and considering how small the company is, it walked out the door. My bet is on the disgruntled FedEx guy.

The bell was replaced with a Yahoo button. So whenever someone comes into the building, they press it and someone comes up front. I laugh each time because it’s the person going “Yaaaaaahooooo ooooooh” that resonates through the building. I wanted one!

I went on eBay and found only one up for bid. I clicked “watch this item”. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to spend money on it. Last Saturday I was sitting on the couch with Craig, I had my iPhone in hand while were watching TV. I got an email notifying me that the auction was about to end. I decided to try out the eBay app for the iPhone. It said 54 seconds remaining, I looked over at Craig and said, “Can I buy a Yahoo button on eBay”. He said, “sure if you want it that bad”. I refreshed the page, it said 24 seconds remaining, I figured at this point no way was I going to get this. I put in my bid, hit submit, and won the auction!

Now to most this not a big deal. For me though, it is. I sell mostly on eBay, when I do buy I go for Buy It Now auctions. Now I’m the happy owner of a button that says “Yaaaaaahoooooo ooooh” and my cats look around like the walls are talking.







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