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I haven’t posted yet about my CRV. Well the CRV has long been in my life. Well I guess not really that long, but since 1998. I got my first one then, a black one which I loved. It was what hooked me on Honda and I went from being an American car person to looking at overseas vehicles.

My current CRV is a 2002 EX. I’ve done a few mods here and there. Nothing super expensive because my budget is pretty tight. So far have been the sport stickers, tinting the front windows, painting the calipers, door sill plates, side-markers (my biggest undertaking), cargo net, accent lights, accord key fob, super white parking lights, door edge guards, Sylvania Silverstar headlights, i-Vtec emblems, EX emblem, a Thule roof rack (thank you), wheel locks (thank you) and lastly my new tires Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revos in 225/70 R15.

The tires have been great, at first I wasn’t really sure that I liked them. But since they have worn in a little and I’ve adjusted to them I love them.

This summer I hope to work on the audio system. Replace the head-unit with one that can receive XM, and also play MP3s and read CD-Rs. I’d like to get into navigation but I don’t think my budget is going to allow for that and I’ve got the iQue. I also want to make a custom sub enclosure in the cargo area, that will still allow me to have the picnic table. And of course upgrade the speakers in the doors. I’m planning on dropping somewhere between 1K-2K, but I need to leave a little left for a remote starter and alarm system.

I still want to get the fog lights. Maybes include: leather, painting the bumpers and 17″ rims. I’m currently enjoying my off road tires, and no point in painting the bumpers if I’m going off-road and will get them scratched up.

So if you have any suggestions for speakers, head-units, amps, subs or enclosures put it in the comments and I’ll see it. I’d be glad to take any advice anyone has to give. I have to do some serious reading up and figure out what the heck I’m doing.

This is the best pic of my car recently.






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