Wifi has got to be one of the best inventions of the 20th century or was it 21st century. I don’t know, but it’s great. I’m sitting at a Starbucks right now, reading the news, sipping my tall cafe mocha, and chatting with friends online. All wirelessly, granted Starbucks has picked my pocket to have this convenience, and then charge me some ridiculous price for a coffee, but hey it’s fun.

I recently just got my GoMadic cable for my iQue so that now my iQue can get on the internet. With the rumors of some amazing products in the PDA market in the near future, I’m reluctant to buy the Enfora wifi case for the iQue, for two reason; a) price, if something new really is on the way from Garmin, I’ll save my money and just get a new unit b) the Enfora case doesn’t fit the iQue perfectly and it also defeats the purpose of wireless.

So hopefully by Christmas either announcements will be made or the products will actually be out in the market.






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