When Life Gives You Lemons…

you make lemonade.

More than 130,000 advertising professionals have lost their jobs in this “Great Recession.” Lemonade is about what happens when people who were once paid to be creative in advertising are forced to be creative with their own lives.


Craig and I have talked often over the years of the “what if I lost my job” scenario. Both of my last two jobs had layoffs, and I grew to understand in my first job at a dot com, that at any moment it could be you. Don’t take it personally, you’re a number in the end, not in a bad way, just a salary and when budgets are not being met, it comes down to numbers. To me layoffs have become a fact of life, I’m always some what prepared in my head, a box under my desk and trying to stay one step ahead.

The advertising industry to me feels like the canary in the coal mine. The arts always take the first hit of being the “unnecessary” expense businesses cut in tough times. The irony there is with good marketing and imagery your product will continue to be successful.

It’s wonderful someone is making this movie. As creative professionals I think we generally have the ability to bounce back quicker than others and start off in new directions. Many times, happier directions more in line with our true callings.



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2 responses to “When Life Gives You Lemons…”

  1. adam Avatar

    “Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell”-Cake

    Ill stick to being a goat thank you, its much more rewarding and exciting, no matter what the consequences!!!!! Great link Diana, love it.

  2. Diana Avatar

    Hey Adam, thanks for stopping by and the comment. Your comment reminded me of a Farside cartoon I love, a sheep is standing in the field and stands up and says, “Hey we don’t have to all be sheep”. I always seem to be going against the grain, it can be frustrating sometimes but it’s so much better than being part of the mass normalcy.

    Nice artwork by the way, adding you to my daily reading RSS feed.

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