Weigh In: January

As a quick check-in. I was a bit worried with my back being out, basically not exercising, being horizontal and my stomach a wreck from medicine, that I might end up putting a few pounds on. Gratefully it’s been the reverse!

Post-Christmas I was at 216lbs.

Weighed in this morning at, 211.5lbs.

Since being home and eating lighter, my stomach has gotten a bit smaller and I’m definitely watching what I eat. So gonna keep this downward trend going. I’ve been craving fruits, veggies and water. Woohoo!

Onto the week, and hopefully back to exercising after I see the orthopedist for an update.


  1. Colin Devroe   •  

    Keep going! I look forward to seeing these numbers decline each time….. we can keep each other going!

  2. Diana   •     Author

    Thanks for the support!

    I’m looking forward to that number going down too!! Glad to offer support back 🙂

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