Weigh In: January

As a quick check-in. I was a bit worried with my back being out, basically not exercising, being horizontal and my stomach a wreck from medicine, that I might end up putting a few pounds on. Gratefully it’s been the reverse!

Post-Christmas I was at 216lbs.

Weighed in this morning at, 211.5lbs.

Since being home and eating lighter, my stomach has gotten a bit smaller and I’m definitely watching what I eat. So gonna keep this downward trend going. I’ve been craving fruits, veggies and water. Woohoo!

Onto the week, and hopefully back to exercising after I see the orthopedist for an update.







2 responses to “Weigh In: January”

  1. Colin Devroe Avatar

    Keep going! I look forward to seeing these numbers decline each time….. we can keep each other going!

  2. Diana Avatar

    Thanks for the support!

    I’m looking forward to that number going down too!! Glad to offer support back 🙂

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