Weekend Update

Although not as funny as the one on SNL. We had a pretty busy weekend, what else is new. We helped out at Friends Meeting with supplies for the Underground Railroad Walking Tour on Saturday morning. Came back to meet up with our friend Ron at Sherwood Island State Park, but he ended up with car trouble so that was out. Then we thought, ok we will head up to the Apple store in Westfarms to check out the 24″ iMac and 30″ Apple Cinema Display. The store was packed. The new iPod Nanos were really amazing. If I was independently wealthy maybe I’d get one and an iPhone, but I’m holding out for an iPhone. We never were able to checking out the, ONE, 30″ Display because a store employee was teaching a woman how to use her MacBook in front of it. Poor planning if you ask me.

We came back home, relaxed and watched “Because I Said So”, with Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. It was a cute movie, but we won’t be getting a copy for ourselves.

Sunday morning we woke up to this great sky outside our door.

Morning Sun

Later on we met up with Kelly at Starbucks to see how she was doing, and plan a hiking trip for next weekend. As we were leaving Craig and I both saw the beautiful colors of the leaves on this tree. It was so nicely contrasted, with what I think is a cedar tree next to it (left) and pine tree on the right.

Seasonal Colors






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