Walked on Water and Flew with the Birds

I woke up really early today (6:20 am), which if you know me is very early for me. Instead of crawling back into the tent, I got up had breakfast, and then Craig and I headed off to Eagle Lake to bike the carriage trail there. Well our getting up early really paid off, we were the only ones out there really. We ran into a couple from Queens, they were hysterical. The lake was absolutely beautiful so early in the morning, the trail was perfect too.

Eagle Lake

The trail was exactly what my legs were looking for, mostly flat with a few slight inclines. I learned more about biking and using the gears properly. I really plowed up some hills which I was really proud of myself for, since two days prior I walked up all hills. We made a few stops along the trail to look out at the lake. Then we took a left at the end and headed over to the Bubbles Pond. Wow, what a great carriage road that runs by it. It’s more like a trail, and runs right along the shore of the pond. Really beautiful. We hung out there a while. Then road back the 2.5 miles back to our car. By that time, everyone woke up and there were lots of people out on the trail.

Bubble Pond Trail

Oooh, I almost forgot. So I’m riding back and I’m really moving along, and I’m like, hmmm that’s a weird little stick in the road. Right as I got up on it, it was a snake, who I almost ran over. I slammed on the brakes and walked back to check him out. It was a baby copperhead snake (verified it online today). I think a rattle snake, I have to look up to find out what kind. So Craig and I checked the little guy out from a distance. He was thoroughly pissed that I was still there looking at him. The more pissy he got, we decided to head on out.

After our great ride, it was only 11:30, so we headed into Bar Harbor and I did some awesome parallel parking. I wish I had my camera. I parked between these two big trucks on a hill. We went to this restaurant that had an outdoor balcony that looked out over the harbor and had lunch.

View from our lunch table

While we were there, we noticed this sand bar that everyone was walking across then I said to Craig, hey isn’t that a CRV going across. So we decided we had to check this out. We found the street. Drove down and onto the beach, and then over the sandbar and onto Bar Island. Woohoo, I drove across the water and to an island 😀 It turned out to be a Honda Pilot that I had seen drive over. They were from New York.

The sandbar we drove across.
The view and the Pilot

Then we decided to drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain. WOW, what a perfect day too, it was crystal clear with a good breeze and we were able to see everything from up top. It was pretty busy at the top of the mountain. We saw a few cyclists riding to the top of the mountain, which I truly admire. Now that I know how freaking hard it is to bike up hills, that is awesome that they want to bike up a mountain.

The view from the summit of Cadillac Mountain

Then we drove around trying to find a place to just go relax and read a book. Not as easy as it would seem. We found one picnic area, but it was already taken by a group having a picnic.

We ended up heading back into Bar Harbor and having pizza and then off to bed.





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