Virginia On My Mind

For the 4th of July weekend, we were invited down to Virginia to celebrate my cousin Will’s graduation from High School. btw Will CONGRATS! We had a wonderful weekend. My Aunt and Uncle kindly enough provided hospitality for us and were gracious hosts.

We drove down Friday night after work. Didn’t hit much traffic. I went to use my trusty cell phone with my laptop and it wouldn’t work. Tried calling Cingular but of course my call dropped and I lost coverage. So we arrived around 11:30 and packed it into our bedrooms.

Saturday we went out and picked up the grandma and also got some foods for the party. The graduation party was great, Will made out very well. We had a really great time.

Sunday, we got up and drove down to Fredericksburg to meet up with Majomortensen. We had a lot of fun playing in a stream.

After playing in the stream we headed over to Olive Garden and had a great lunch getting to know each other. Thanks Jose for a great time!!! For more pics from that check out here.

We headed back up to Reston and went over to Dorothy Brittle’s Birthday party (see the other post on that) and had some great food, got to see Susan’s new house which looked great!. We watched the D.C. fireworks on TV and could hear lots of firework celebrations in the area. Then we set off our own fireworks (small but fun).

Monday, we got up and headed on our way, but before we left, I had to take pics of this area, because no one believes me when I say there are major corporations and then 1 mile away is beautiful residential housing. Absolutely amazing place.





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