This picture and those vines feel like a metaphor for my life currently, well the past 9 years or so. We (Craig and I) had such clear dreams and plans for our lives back in 1998-1999. Then starting in 1999 it got chipped away at slowly and sometimes fast, over the next 10 years. Craig literally dealt with having his spine twisted at one point. Our efforts to keep the plan going seemed to get more and more complicated and frustrating. Here we are 10 years later and feeling like we’ve almost broken free from the vines and twists that tried to take over.

People reflected on the last 10 years with sadness of the financial crisis, housing crisis, political crisis. I looked back and said, “holy shit I survived it”. I really didn’t think I’d live to see 30. Between all the stresses over the past 10 years and then just my own health which I had put on a back burner it seemed inevitable this was going to be coming to an end. I don’t mean to sound doom and gloom, just felt like, really what else could be thrown at me.






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  1. shanna Avatar

    could not agree more. hate to have those ‘poor me’ moments, but really, sometimes you just feel like, ok, what next? how much more can i take? am i being punished for something i’ve done in my life? but, like you said, we’re still here…we made it through kicking and screaming and as long as we don’t give up, it’s gotta get better :). it just has to.

  2. shanna Avatar

    ps…i really love this picture!

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