Travel Day 3: Arkansas to New Orleans

Last night we stayed at Chad’s studio. He’s got a pretty nice set up. He showed Craig all his equipment and how he was using the Mac to run his whole studio. He was using the software Reason to do a lot it. Craig was really impressed by how Chad had built a separate room with a viewing window for recording vocals. We also got to hear a song where Lisa rapped. The studio was a relatively good sized building, but definitely needed some work. We were greeted by their friends cat who was in need of a meal. I shared my Cheetos with her. She was a very very pretty orange tabby about 10 months old, and very affectionate. We left Lisa and Chad early this morning. Lisa had to head off to work and Chad was off to do some planting with someone.

I just had to get this photo in. These two were so cute. Craig was hinting to them about he knew where they’re friends were that they were looking for.

Northwest Arkansas is beautiful, the rest of the state is so flat. Made Indiana and Illinois look hilly. This could be because there were almost no trees. I don’t know how anything lives there, there’s no shelter from the sun. It’s amazing to look out across farmland and be able to see for 5 miles. Also saw these irrigation machines that went for like 1000 feet. Saw quite a few Armadillos, although sadly enough none were alive.

Upstate Louisiana was also very rural. The iQue took us off a major interstate and onto state highways, so we got to see a lot of small towns and farms. We headed down Louisiana, over into Mississippi. Mississippi was much nicer than we had expected much more going on there (or at the least the areas we were driving through).

The iQue bugged out once in this very small town which was a bit freaky. But once we got back on the regular route it cleared it’s self up. We have seen very very few police our entire trip. It’s interesting I’m not sure how they would catch speeders down here, since you can see down the highway for a good mile and there are no trees or bushes to hide behind.

Driving into New Orleans was really interesting, we came down I-55 from Mississippi and we drove over the bayou on the longest bridge I have ever been on in my life. We were raised above water for a good 15 miles. It was amazing. Homes were on the other side but they bordered all the water. At one point the at this very large bay were power lines across the water going as far as the eye could see in two different directions. It looked like they went for ever. It was extremely eerie.

Getting to the hotel was not bad at all. The iQue did a great job navigating us there. The hotel has wonderful valet parking and a secured parking garage. Bourbon street is insane. We crashed for a while, got our showers and then headed out around 10:00, there were lots of people out and quite lit. I can’t even imagine what Mardi Gras would be like. Personally, you couldn’t pay me to come back here for that. I just have this one photo so far of Canal Street. Tomorrow is exploring New Orleans day. Oh yeah tonight we ended up eating Tony Morano’s Italian restaurant. It was very good. I got Fettucine with Salmon in a light cream sauce and vodka. Craig got this ravioli in three different sauces. Excellent food!






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