The Yarn Harlot at WEBS

Harlot @ the Calvin, originally uploaded by upstateknitter.

RantingKnitter, Knitorious and myself went to see the Yarn Harlot at WEBS in Northampton, Massachusetts back on April 27th.

I’ve been following Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog, the Yarn Harlot for about 3 years now. Not only is she a gifted knitter, but very funny. She’s written a few books. I’ve read Knitting Rules, Cast-Off and am working on The Yarn Harlot.

Stephanie signing Kelly's bookThe reason for her visit to WEBS was a book signing for her newest book, “Things I’ve Learned From Knitting”. We got to WEBS shortly around 10:30. Did some shopping, bought our stuff and then got in line for the book signing. The time went by quite quickly. The ladies from Knitting Liberally were in front of us. We got “stuck” in the warehouse section of WEBS. I think if I were truly addicted to knitting (not yet) I’d have gone crazy with wanting to buy everything around me.

We did finally make it up to Stephanie just before 1:00pm and got our books signed. I shared a quick story with her regarding my last name. She laughed and said she had a very similar one.

Off we went to the Calvin Theater to see her speak. Meanwhile I had been working on my socks, which I hadn’t touched in quite a while, on the car ride up. I then worked on them some more at the theater. I got a lot done!

Stephanie spoke for roughly an hour. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. She shared some great research studies about the brain, different frequency waves and how knitting puts the person into a state of almost meditation.

Afterwards, we got lunch at FitzWilly’s where I introduced Kelly to the most decadent of treats, Garlic Bread in a pool of melted Gorgonzola and Asiago cheeses.

There was still some shopping to be done at WEBS and then we made the journey back to Connecticut.






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