A History of Weight

As most know, I need to lose weight and have been intermittently working on it for a while. I’ve recently started working with a nutritionist. Craig is seeing an integrative medicine doctor, who has prescribed a gluten-free diet for a month to clear his system. I’ve also been following James‘ progress over FIT, it helps keep me motivated.

I also saw my OBGYN two weeks ago. I asked her about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, since there are quite a few of the symptoms I’ve had over my life. Some of the symptoms have gone away while others are minor in my life still. If I do have PCOS, it could explain a lot, and could also cause problems when we try to have children. I need to go have a simple blood test done to find out, which I have the paper work for.

While there I also asked her about my weight over the years. I started seeing her when I was 14, because my period came every 2 weeks for a month and half and then stopped coming for almost 3 months. They had all my paper work back to the beginning.

  • 135 lbs at 14 yo
  • 157 lbs at 15 yo
  • 187 lbs at 19 yo

I was pretty shocked to see I had gained over 20 lbs in a year! I don’t remember much from back then, a lot was going on. I do remember my weight from 19 on.

  • 173 lbs at 20 yo
  • 192 lbs at 21 yo
  • 205 lbs at 22 yo
  • 211-215 lbs at 28 yo

I’m trying to look back now and see where things went wrong, or went right. The drop at 20 years old, I was really happy doing seminars, taking classes, exercising with Craig that summer. Then my Dad passed away and I stopped eating, again dropping weight. But a few weeks later I started at a new college, where I dormed, was massively stressed out, and didn’t think, pizza or salad, I choose pizza, chinese take out, subway, and anything else that came in the form of take out.

I’m still trying to get past being angry that I’m even here or dealing with this. Which I know is stupid and I really need to accept it, move on and start making change. Also trying to be patient, which is something I have never been very good at. I want it and I want it now. Yah I was a brat as a kid.

From the Secret and CorrieHaffly’s blog, I need to start a gratitude journal and start appreciating and accepting where I’m at, the positives that are here. I have the knowledge, a gym membership around the corner from our home, a husband who wants to eat healthy too, family that’s supportive, a job with no cafeteria to tempt or vending machines.

I wonder if I can program a “You Can Do It, Believe In Yourself” to pop up on my screen every few hours.

Back to journaling my food, making it to the gym at least 3 times a week, drinking more fluids and being positive








2 responses to “A History of Weight”

  1. Colin Devroe Avatar

    I want to see progress on this 😉

  2. Diana Avatar

    I’m looking forward to charting progress again! Now that my back is finally on the mend, I can look at being active again.

    Gratefully even though I’ve been pretty much confined to laying down, I did not gain any weight. Yay! Actually lost a few pounds.

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