The Diet

A year and several months later after putting my back out quite severely I’m feeling well enough to take on a consistent exercise routine. Turning 30 also put a bit more fuel on the fire as well.

Life’s too short to not enjoy every bit of sunshine I can get, breath fresh air and do it in a body I vaguely remember. I am happy I am able to recall the feeling of being very limber and having done gymnastics when I was younger. I used to be pretty coordinated. I can see myself now doing things in a body that is yet to be discovered.

I’m beginning this journey again, not with a sole focus on the end, but enjoying the trip. Discovering new foods, learning new exercises, pushing my limits and breaking out of the box.

My good friend inspired both Craig and I with her dedicated work doing P90X. She stuck with it for the 90 days and did see great results. Craig and I purchased the Power90 system and did do a few days of it in December but fell out of the routine. We do like the system and are going to start back up, along with bicycle riding.

I’ve got the bike rack on my car, I’ve mapped out several trails on my commute route. My goal is to get 2-5 miles in each night after work. I ride mostly dirt roads or dirt trails. I’ll work that number up as the season goes on.

I’m using LoseIt on the iPhone to track everything I’m eating and when I’m exercising, and when I can, I’ll make a video of the progress.

Let the journey begin!



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