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  • Edamame and Sugar Snap Peas

    One of my favorite recipes yet from The Kind Diet is the Edamame and Sugar Snap Peas. The recipe is so easy to make and uses only olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, shallots and ume boshi plum vinegar.

  • Experimenting with Wraps

    I tried to make myself a wrap on Monday but it was less than stellar. I managed to get through half of it, but then put the rest back in the container. My wrap consisted of: Tomato Basil Tortilla Wrap Sabra Hummus (as a spread) Alfalfa Sprouts Roasted Red Pepper 1/2 Avacado Lemon Juice (added…

  • Alternate Sources of Protein

    A big issue for me going vegetarian or vegan, is I do not love beans. Granted I like Tofu, even though too much of that doesn’t really like me. Great, the story of my life. So I’m wondering about some alternative protein sources. My sister in law pointed me toward cannellini beans which I like…