Onward to Maine

Saturday morning we opted to sleep in a bit, rather than our usual 4:30-5:00am departure. I was a bit cranky at first, but things got better. We had a few stops to make, the first being Freeport. In Freeport, we met up with my family. The usual stores of L.L.Bean and Cool-As-A-Moose were visited. Side note: On the way up, I heard this poof sound, but very loud. Craig thought it was in the song, and I was suspicious. At one of the stops to fill up on gas, I noticed the front tire of my bike the rim strip was hanging out. The tube had exploded and took the rim strip with it. So while in Freeport, I also made a visit to National Bike and Ski to get rim strip. In Freeport, we also ate at Morrison’s Maine […]

Acadia Day 5

Well today was a relax and heal the butt bones day. I made some calls this morning to the police department and the local sheriff to file an official report with them for my lost camera. Neither had heard anything about my camera. So, I started looking at the camera I want to get today. The Canon Digital Rebel G. It will be mine! hehehehe. Well it will but it’s going to be a little while. Today we had breakfast and sampled some of the fine blueberry products of Maine. Then headed up to Ellsworth to check out what the L.L. Bean outlet had for sale, and then off to Bangor to the Borders, which is the one of TWO wifi spots in ALL of Maine!!!! How insane is that! So we’ve occupied this spot in the Borders Cafe since […]