Onward to Maine

Saturday morning we opted to sleep in a bit, rather than our usual 4:30-5:00am departure. I was a bit cranky at first, but things got better. We had a few stops to make, the first being Freeport. In Freeport, we met up with my family. The usual stores of L.L.Bean and Cool-As-A-Moose were visited. Side note: On the way up, I heard this poof sound, but very loud. Craig thought it was in the song, and I was suspicious. At one of the stops to fill up on gas, I noticed the front tire of my bike the rim strip was hanging out. The tube had exploded and took the rim strip with it. So while in Freeport, I also made a visit to National Bike and Ski to get rim strip. In Freeport, we also ate at Morrison’s Maine […]

Homeward Bound

Today we’re driving home and picking up two cats on the way home. My good friend Debbie is moving and her cats have no home while they are transitioning between homes. So we offered to watch her cats while they were getting into their new home. It was this or they would have to give up their cats which we thought shouldn’t have to happen.

Eagle Lake

Another day of waking up early. Craig needed to get some stuff emailed out, so we headed to the Opera House Internet Cafe so he could send this out. Then we headed back to Eagle Lake to do the ride again. I determined at that point that I should do riding every other day. Wednesday I had given my legs a rest and on Thursday I was able to do really well on the trails. But today, my legs were feeling it really early on. I decided not to give up, but to just listen to my body and take rests when it really really hurt, and keep stretching and drinking water. I am definitely going to get one of those camelback things, to be able to load up on water. I also want to take a moment to thank […]

Acadia Day 4

I went to bed last night really bummed about my camera, and some other things were bothering me. Woke up around midnight to pouring rain. But when we woke up at 8:00 it was a beautiful sunny day, and Craig made breakfast, you can see his cheery face below. After breakfast we headed over to Hadlock Pond and decided to the do the loop trail there. Well part of the loop was under construction so we just did the ride by Hadlock Pond. Here’s a pic of Hadlock Pond and then a pic of Craig going over one of the carriage trail bridges. When we got to the end of this Craig rode back and got the car and drove down and picked me up at the other parking location. My legs were killing me. I’m going to rest tomorrow […]

Acadia : Day 1 : Travel

Well we left around 6:30am. Packed the bikes in the pouring rain, packed the car in the pouring rain. We headed off, hoping we’d drive out of it. Instead the rain came down so hard in Waterbury, I couldn’t see, so I pulled off under an overpass and let Craig drive. We made pretty good time up to Kerry & Dave’s. We stopped there and had breakfast. Kerry was a gracious host, and served us lots of yummy food. We got the full tour of the new home, which is a really great house. We departed Kerry’s around 12:30 and headed onto Maine. We continued our drive, got stuck in two toll lines, not too long but a pain in the ass none the less. The rain never ended all the way up to Maine. Once we got past Portland […]

Virginia On My Mind

For the 4th of July weekend, we were invited down to Virginia to celebrate my cousin Will’s graduation from High School. btw Will CONGRATS! We had a wonderful weekend. My Aunt and Uncle kindly enough provided hospitality for us and were gracious hosts. We drove down Friday night after work. Didn’t hit much traffic. I went to use my trusty cell phone with my laptop and it wouldn’t work. Tried calling Cingular but of course my call dropped and I lost coverage. So we arrived around 11:30 and packed it into our bedrooms. Saturday we went out and picked up the grandma and also got some foods for the party. The graduation party was great, Will made out very well. We had a really great time. Sunday, we got up and drove down to Fredericksburg to meet up with Majomortensen. […]