2009 Recap – 2010 Goals

2009 Recap: Turned 30 Been on unemployment/shared work program for 13 months Fought back depression Vacationed in Maine in monsoon season Vacated in New Hampshire in intense humidity Biked the Lincoln Woods Trail (a highlight for the year) Finally bought a TV Established some new friendships, that I hope will last a while Partnered with new people for projects 2010 Goals: Drink water (I just don’t drink anything currently) Eat vegetarian / vegan 4 days a week Bicycle (a lot more) Shoot more photograhy both B&W film and digital Have a gallery showing/or participate in an art show by end of year Drink more tea and less coffee Read 8 books this year Bring in 3 clients in the first half of 2010 Schedule alone/creative time each week Cook (and use more herbs and spices) What are your goals for […]