Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Craig and I went to a family brunch a few towns over. It was nice to catch up with them and I was able to hand out the copies of a black and white photo I printed in January of Craig’s cousin and her newborn. After brunch, we headed over to Squantz Pond to take a walk. The wind had other plans, but we persevered. I took a photo of my in-laws that I really like. I’m going to get it printed and framed and give it to them. More photos from today available on Flickr.

Local Art

I’m pleased to have been invited to a local photographer’s gallery showing. It’s a funny story how I met Ted… I was in Southwest Harbor, ME last summer, shooting the harbor full of boats and getting eaten by mosquitos, when I overheard the other photographer say he was from Connecticut. We got chatting and discovered we only lived one road apart for a few years. I have yet to have a chance to take Ted up on going out for a photo walk, but I am very excited to be able to go see his photography at the Common Ground Caffe in Litchfield. If your in the area please take some time and go see his beautiful work.

Light Art Performance Photography

This is one of several amazing pieces of photography via, Light Art Performance Photography’s website. Their work is beautiful and inspiring. I love long exposure photography. Please go visit their site to see all their incredible work. On a side note, I liked the music so much I bought it as well. It’s by James D. Stark, called “Ready” [iTunes link]. I found all of this via Colin Devroe’s post.

Photography Field Class II

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to take a second Photography Field Class. We met at Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield, CT. We had 3 solid hours of shooting everything imaginable. As usual it was a lot of fun. I got to practice and improve my skills. I got to do some portrait photos of my friends who were taking the class as well. I’ve really enjoyed photographing people and hope to do more of it. The land that the main house is on, is beautiful, there is a great craggy tree in the back that just beckons to be climbed. Much to our dismay your not supposed to climb it. Shhh… one of us did. I shot 290 digital pictures, and 60 black and white negatives. This Friday I’ll get a chance to see how the negatives came […]