The Black Keys

In May, while on vacationing in Maine, we caught an episode of Jimmy Fallon with The Black Keys. I loved their sound, made a note in my notebook and proceeded to forget about it. That is of course until about 2 weeks ago and I decided I needed some new music to listen to. This may be one of my favorite albums of 2010, and the last few years. I love the soulful blues rock combination. I bought their current album Brothers and will be going back to buy previous albums. I introduced my sister-in-law to their music over Thanksgiving, she too fell in love with it. Then shared with me their video for Tighten Up (above), it’s fun to watch, if you don’t laugh you might need to pinch yourself.

Sleeping in and the sun

The sun was shining! I slept in pretty late today, and was a bit cranky when I got going. Everyone was up already and heading out the door and I was still trying to wipe sleep from my eyes. I opted to just stay back with Craig. We took our time getting up but got to enjoy the sun in the back yard. We broke out our chairs and sat on the deck. I snapped quite a few photos of the house and the yard; very glad they mowed yesterday. We relaxed, read our books, listened to music and then a cool ocean breeze came in and we retreated in doors. It got cool enough to start up the fireplace again, and we set up in the living room with the view of the yard. Kerry, Marty and Kathy came […]

It’s Raining… will it ever stop?

The weather this past June has been like living in Seattle. Ironically I just finished all four of the Twilight novels and Forks, WA weather sounded a bit cozy with all the gray days. Having now lived a month of primarily rainy days, I don’t think I could do it. We took it easy Sunday and had breakfast together. Then headed out to see where some friends of my inlaws live, on the next peninsula over. Next stop was the grocery store to stock up on food and wine. We picked up 5 bottles of wine. Lunch was at Joshy’s Place, which is a local favorite. It’s a road side stand that makes lobster and clam rolls and just about anything else you can grill up. We had to eat intermittently with the sprinkles of rain. Afternoon naps were in […]