This building has been eluding me for a few years. We stay at a hotel nearby and have always ended up on the backside which has a view of this building along with mountains and a river. It is a unique structure that I’m unsure of the history. This past summer crows had taken up residence and each one had their own floor it seemed. I’m hoping to get back and get a little closer. I don’t think it would be safe to go inside. I’m also hoping to talk to some of the local residents and find out the history.

You can never fault Apple on Design

Apple has released their new iMac G5. It is nothing short of stunning. It’s basically a laptop, on a stand, but designed so intuitively and efficiently. Apple truly marries form and function. If saving desk space is your thing, then this would be a great computer for you. Right down to have the power adapter built into the back, so only a cord comes out to plug in. Brilliant. Check out the new G5 when you get a chance.