While doing errands this morning in the bitter cold, the ideas going through my head were the different items I want to service on my car. It frustrates me to no end that I slacked on keeping the wheels clean over the past 4 years and because of that, brake dust has become caked on. I look under the hood and there’s definitely surface rust on strut bolts and my air horns need to be polished and other items need a coat of armor all. These little things irk me. To add to it, my hood has some chips (8 years of highway commuting, it’s a miracle it’s not worse) and this past fall an acorn tree did some dent damage. I want to bring my wonderful 8 year old vehicle back to new. Ok, well maybe not brand new, […]

Healthy Bytes

I can’t remember exactly when I discovered Colin Devroe’s The Diet page, but at one point I joined and after sharing my progress with my friends, they wanted to join in too, but didn’t want to use their regular blogs. I decided to create our own site to log our progress, keep up motivation and keep it semi-private. As you can see from the Archive dates, we’ve had some starts and stops along the way. This year I decided to record videos of my progress. Also joining in is my sister in law and my mother in law. My best friend Kelly, who is much more on top of nutrition and exercise regimens is writing full blown articles for us and keeping us motivated. Late last year she did the P90X and had great results. Craig and I picked up […]

The Diet

A year and several months later after putting my back out quite severely I’m feeling well enough to take on a consistent exercise routine. Turning 30 also put a bit more fuel on the fire as well. Life’s too short to not enjoy every bit of sunshine I can get, breath fresh air and do it in a body I vaguely remember. I am happy I am able to recall the feeling of being very limber and having done gymnastics when I was younger. I used to be pretty coordinated. I can see myself now doing things in a body that is yet to be discovered. I’m beginning this journey again, not with a sole focus on the end, but enjoying the trip. Discovering new foods, learning new exercises, pushing my limits and breaking out of the box. My good […]

Inspired to Cook

I haven’t been the first person to get excited about working in the kitchen. In the past I have not been very adventurous. A client of mine though has made two delicious meals from scratch and my mother in law makes these incredible meals all after a day of work. They’ve inspired me. The other night I made meatballs from scratch. We had ground turkey, we did not have bread crumbs, so I used the magic bullet we have to crumble oyster crackers. They came out delicious. Tonight I decided to do something different with our kielbasa. I bought red and green peppers, a sweet onion and some French bread. I sauted everything in a large frying pan. It too came out really good and pretty healthy. I’m hoping to do more cooking and start thinking outside the box .

TheDiet Update

It’s been a really long time since I’ve updated. After my back went out I got into a real funk and just feeling down. I also noticed my energy level was just dropping. This past week I realized I’ve been drinking coffee every single day since I started my new[er] job. For me caffeine will work for a while but then it will actually make me more and more exhausted. This week I’m taking a break from coffee. I’m having green tea and herbal tea only. The other benefit to cutting back on coffee is, I like my coffee very light and with half and half. Needless to say this is a good elimination from my daily routine. I’ve decided to use iCal to track my health because I have it available to me at work, at home and on […]

Good Wednesday Morning

Good Morning! I’ve decided to focus on ONE goal for this week; getting up early, specifically between 5:00-5:30. I did ok this morning, I set alarms up to go off at 5:00, 5:15, 5:30 and 5:45. I did finally get up and going on the 5:45 one. I cooked up turkey bacon, organic eggs, organic spinach, organic shredded cheese into an omelette. Had some Bolthouse juice and some organic coffee I brewed too! It was quite a morning. I left on time for the Dentist in Danbury, got there 10 minutes early! Had a perfect visit, no cavities, no issues. Oh and I even had some time to work on my scarf which I’ve neglected for quite a while! And last night I “graduated” from physical therapy and am going to transition into their Wellness Program. I’m feeling really good […]

H2O Quotient

I can remember back as far as 4th grade and my Mom saying, “did you drink anything today?” when I’d get home from school, and I’d answer “no just the box of milk”. Getting water in has always been a challenge for me. I do better when it’s ice cold and preferably some lemon or lime in it. Over at James’ FIT blog, I was reading how much water he was taking in 112 oz a day. Meanwhile if I get 16 oz in a day, that’s a good day. He suggested 8 x 8 oz glasses of water a day plus another 8 oz per 20 lbs over weight. Doing the math that comes out to 104 oz a day for me. I need to get working. I’ve read this before, specifically on a bike forum, and I’ve also […]