Acadia : Day 1 : Travel

Well we left around 6:30am. Packed the bikes in the pouring rain, packed the car in the pouring rain. We headed off, hoping we’d drive out of it. Instead the rain came down so hard in Waterbury, I couldn’t see, so I pulled off under an overpass and let Craig drive. We made pretty good time up to Kerry & Dave’s. We stopped there and had breakfast. Kerry was a gracious host, and served us lots of yummy food. We got the full tour of the new home, which is a really great house. We departed Kerry’s around 12:30 and headed onto Maine. We continued our drive, got stuck in two toll lines, not too long but a pain in the ass none the less. The rain never ended all the way up to Maine. Once we got past Portland […]

My Dad

Today I want to take a moment to remember my Dad. He was born on May 5, 1936 and grew up in Connecticut. He loved cars and passed on that love of cars to me (along with my Mom – I didn’t forget you Mom). He also used create the most amazing gifts for me, and could fix anything. He loved electronics and music. His CDs and LP collection most people still don’t believe when we tell them. He also had an incredible workshop, filled with enough electronics to make Radio Shack jealous. My Dad had a heart attack in 1976 and technically I shouldn’t be here since I was born in 1979. After his heart attack, he never took better care of his body. He let his health go, and was pretty depressed about what the future held for […]

Virginia On My Mind

For the 4th of July weekend, we were invited down to Virginia to celebrate my cousin Will’s graduation from High School. btw Will CONGRATS! We had a wonderful weekend. My Aunt and Uncle kindly enough provided hospitality for us and were gracious hosts. We drove down Friday night after work. Didn’t hit much traffic. I went to use my trusty cell phone with my laptop and it wouldn’t work. Tried calling Cingular but of course my call dropped and I lost coverage. So we arrived around 11:30 and packed it into our bedrooms. Saturday we went out and picked up the grandma and also got some foods for the party. The graduation party was great, Will made out very well. We had a really great time. Sunday, we got up and drove down to Fredericksburg to meet up with Majomortensen. […]

Happy Birthday Dorothy

This is just a happy birthday congrats to Dorothy Brittle 🙂 Craig, my Mom and I were down in Virginia for the July 4th weekend, and were lucky enough to be there to celebrates Dots birthday. She is my Mom’s brother’s mother in law. She got a new color TV/VCR combo unit.