Tag: family

  • Graduation

    Craig’s cousin Bryan graduated from college this past May. They combined his party with the 4th of July and I brought my camera. It was a lot of fun visiting with everyone and catching the moments on “film”. Bryan and his dog Anna Val and Autumn Fun with cameras

  • 1972

    When going through old photos last weekend, I came across this one of my mother. I had said to her when I saw it, “my god Mom your hair looks phenomenal”. Her response was “yah but it was too hard to keep up”. It turns out this was from a family wedding in the summer…

  • Twins

    Craig’s cousin Steven and his wife Val had twins back in December. We had a chance to visit them today. They were very tiny and cute. I love watching their eyes take in the world and process everything. Liam and Kathy Catching Autumn crack a smile

  • A Jimmy Fallon Christmas

    This year, after everything that we’ve been through this year, I could really appreciate this song.

  • Portraits

    While in Maine I shot two photos I think came out very well. My sister in law and mother in law. We were sitting outside trying to miss rain drops waiting for lunch to be ready.

  • Biking and Shopping

    Wednesday the weather finally let up. We all took advantage of the satellite dish getting some coverage and hopped on the internets to catch up on life. Kerry, Craig and I explored the peninsula we’re staying on via bike. The mosquitos kept us moving briskly. If I went too slow on hills, they’d be right…

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Craig and I went to a family brunch a few towns over. It was nice to catch up with them and I was able to hand out the copies of a black and white photo I printed in January of Craig’s cousin and her newborn. After brunch, we headed…

  • House Warming

    A few weekends ago we journeyed up to Baldwinville, MA to join Kerry & Dave in their house warming party. And those lucky home owners also got to be the cooks. Well Dave manned the b-b-q and the Mom’s covered the other goodies. It was really nice to see the Testa’s again. It was fun…