Feeling Broken

I’ve kept relatively quiet pre and post-election regarding politics. A few posts here and there, and everyone has confirmed for me why I don’t venture down that road. No argument will be won here. No amount of truth, science or rational logic will sway someone who is dead set on believing their opinion is the only right one. Time is the only real truth teller, and not with rosy-colored hindsight. We’ve had crazy presidents, crazy racist presidents in our past, and a nation who didn’t want to help the Jews, who didn’t want to get involved, who’s business people aired on wanting to be on the right side of history monetarily rather than ethically. We certainly do not have some utopian, rolling green hills of perfection past we’ve stepped away from. Given that, to all who voted for Trump, in […]

Earth Hour 2009

We participated in Earth in 2009, on March 28th. We held a movie night at the Quaker Meetinghouse and then turned off the lights to have a candlelit discussion. We showed the movie Wall-E, which seemed appropriate to lead up to a talk on how to help the planet. We had a good turn out. Boston.com’s Big Picture As always they have incredible photos from events, and the Earth Hour photos are extra special, when you click on a city photo it fades to show you what it looked like after the lights were turned out. Go check it out.

Only Half the Truth

This does not surprise me. The White House censored it’s own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head person. What she presented to Congress was the findings of the effects of global warming on diseases and extinction. The White House struck 6 pages of her 12 page report that didn’t “align” with what a report from the United Nations. So let me get this straight… they bash the UN all the time for not doing enough, not seeing things right but now the UN has a report that is in their favor, so now they’ll back a UN report. Wasn’t it the UN who also said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? >British scientists, in a paper published this week, say that fossil >records show mass extinctions of species are linked to warming tropical >seas. And they […]