Feeling Broken

I’ve kept relatively quiet pre and post-election regarding politics. A few posts here and there, and everyone has confirmed for me why I don’t venture down that road. No argument will be won here. No amount of truth, science or rational logic will sway someone who is dead set on believing their opinion is the only right one. Time is the only real truth teller, and not with rosy-colored hindsight. We’ve had crazy presidents, crazy racist presidents in our past, and a nation who didn’t want to help the Jews, who didn’t want to get involved, who’s business people aired on wanting to be on the right side of history monetarily rather than ethically. We certainly do not have some utopian, rolling green hills of perfection past we’ve stepped away from. Given that, to all who voted for Trump, in […]

Universal Truths on Project Completion Times

Today my friend Kelly sent over an article from the Unclutterer website called, “Three universal truths for why projects are not completed on time”. Within two minutes of reading the first paragraph and the three universal truths, Craig and I were into a discussion about how we’ve experienced them over the years. 1. “Clients are never as prepared as they say they will be.” Is almost an understatement. As I am reminded by stories on the website Clients From Hell, it’s all too common. I think this also leads to many in the creative field, myself included, feeling like we’re not being respected. But I am also reminded of an article in the February 2010 issue of HOW magazine, “The Q Factor” by Andy Epstein. In the article Andy described how helpful it can be to our projects and how […]

Photography Field Class II

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to take a second Photography Field Class. We met at Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield, CT. We had 3 solid hours of shooting everything imaginable. As usual it was a lot of fun. I got to practice and improve my skills. I got to do some portrait photos of my friends who were taking the class as well. I’ve really enjoyed photographing people and hope to do more of it. The land that the main house is on, is beautiful, there is a great craggy tree in the back that just beckons to be climbed. Much to our dismay your not supposed to climb it. Shhh… one of us did. I shot 290 digital pictures, and 60 black and white negatives. This Friday I’ll get a chance to see how the negatives came […]