Universal Truths on Project Completion Times

Today my friend Kelly sent over an article from the Unclutterer website called, “Three universal truths for why projects are not completed on time”. Within two minutes of reading the first paragraph and the three universal truths, Craig and I were into a discussion about how we’ve experienced them over the years. 1. “Clients are never as prepared as they say they will be.” Is almost an understatement. As I am reminded by stories on the website Clients From Hell, it’s all too common. I think this also leads to many in the creative field, myself included, feeling like we’re not being respected. But I am also reminded of an article in the February 2010 issue of HOW magazine, “The Q Factor” by Andy Epstein. In the article Andy described how helpful it can be to our projects and how […]

You can never fault Apple on Design

Apple has released their new iMac G5. It is nothing short of stunning. It’s basically a laptop, on a stand, but designed so intuitively and efficiently. Apple truly marries form and function. If saving desk space is your thing, then this would be a great computer for you. Right down to have the power adapter built into the back, so only a cord comes out to plug in. Brilliant. Check out the new G5 when you get a chance.


There is a website that I have been viewing for about 4 months now. I had been admiring it’s design, and when I when I switched my site to using iBlog, I grabbed the CSS from this designers website. Which I had planned to use a base to get acquainted with iBlog. But it ended up staying up longer than I had wanted and I never contacted the designer. Which I do apologize for. Meanwhile today I redesigned my site. Kit’s website is a great site. If your in the design field, I’d highly recommend viewing the site on a regular basis. He also has wonderful photography. I particularly like his photography of his cat, since I can never get Melody to photograph that well. Kit also has a wonderful resourceful of interesting links about design. Check his site out […]