My humble and always willing photography subject, Craig. I was showing Ron how the lense worked with depth of field and the expo disc the other night. Craig kindly posed and I snapped this photo. I love the 50mm lense.


This building has been eluding me for a few years. We stay at a hotel nearby and have always ended up on the backside which has a view of this building along with mountains and a river. It is a unique structure that I’m unsure of the history. This past summer crows had taken up residence and each one had their own floor it seemed. I’m hoping to get back and get a little closer. I don’t think it would be safe to go inside. I’m also hoping to talk to some of the local residents and find out the history.

Daily Components

While finishing up the same roll of film, I was looking around my cubicle for inspiration. I realized the few items I have with me everyday are my MacBookPro and my iPhone. Coca-Cola is something I only recently started drinking, in moderation, but I liked how the curvy logo looked against the straight lines of the gadgets.


I snapped this photo quickly with my Canon SD550 to show my sister in law how the portrait mode worked. When I downloaded it from the camera I loved how it came out. I started tweaking it by shifting it to black and white. Then Craig and I thought, “this would make a perfect album cover”. I used a gothic font, added some textures, reversed the y and then added a Photo Edges border to the image. My favorite part of the image is the detail in her sun glasses.