Tag: black and white

  • Texturized

    Shot with the 50mm lense outside my work in the afternoon on lunch break.

  • Craig

    My humble and always willing photography subject, Craig. I was showing Ron how the lense worked with depth of field and the expo disc the other night. Craig kindly posed and I snapped this photo. I love the 50mm lense.

  • Serious

    My good friend Ron is always fun to take photos of. Especially when we’re doing posed photos, he’s got the dead serious pose down to a science. I shot this with the Canon 50mm 1.8 lense.

  • Abandoned

    This building has been eluding me for a few years. We stay at a hotel nearby and have always ended up on the backside which has a view of this building along with mountains and a river. It is a unique structure that I’m unsure of the history. This past summer crows had taken up…

  • Daily Components

    While finishing up the same roll of film, I was looking around my cubicle for inspiration. I realized the few items I have with me everyday are my MacBookPro and my iPhone. Coca-Cola is something I only recently started drinking, in moderation, but I liked how the curvy logo looked against the straight lines of…

  • Broken

  • Myra

    I snapped this photo quickly with my Canon SD550 to show my sister in law how the portrait mode worked. When I downloaded it from the camera I loved how it came out. I started tweaking it by shifting it to black and white. Then Craig and I thought, “this would make a perfect album…

  • In Line

    I saw these line of trees and felt they needed to be in a photo. If I had my tripod I would have gotten in the shot too, but it was fun with my family lining up down the row.